Thursday, March 20, 2014

WhatsApp New Update (2.11.186) Privacy Setting Not Working - Solved

WhatsApp in the recent update has introduced the ability for the users to hide their 'last seen' indication by enabling the option setting in the apps Privacy Settings. Although this feature is already available in iOS, but it is definitely an anticipating function for most of the Android users like me.

Now with this feature, your WhatsApp contacts will not be able to know the last time you send a text to others. Before the implementation of this function, when you happen to woke up 1.30am to release yourself in the toilet, and you just happend to browse the apps for some messages and you saw your significant other, boyfriend or girlfriend last seen was on 1.00am, it'll drive you crazy thinking the rest of your night to whom might he or she would be texting up to that hour! On the bright side, you know what he or she's been doing. Here i just taught you how to be a stalker. So to avoid of getting caught, this feature is most handy to hide your last seen.

However, people have been complaining about the feature of not being working. People had complained that when you set the privacy setting to 'nobody', instead of making your last seen invisible, all it do is that you can't see your friends' last seen but they still can see yours. However let me say this to you, it is working just fine. You just have to wait a minute for it to come to effect.

I have tried this with my friend, and it really do what it says, it hide my last seen from my friend's WhatsApp.
So this is what we do:

1. I set my last seen setting to 'nobody' and my friend's to 'everyone', so to confirm that regardless of if you are enabling the feature or not, the function are still working.

2. Now this is the trick, DO NOT CHECK THE OTHER PERSON'S LAST SEEN STRAIGHT AWAY. I bet the people who complained do this because i was that person myself. If you do this, your friend still can see your last seen and vice versa.

3. Instead, CLOSE THE APPS AND WAIT FOR COUPLE OF MINUTES. After that ask your friend to open the apps again and look at your contact for last seen. Your last seen is nowhere to be seen in your contact.

My thought is that, for the last seen to be invisible on the screen, it took time, i think one or two minutes.
So please try it with your friends and tell me if it's working.


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