Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Not Your Typical Weekend Holiday

This is where i spent most of my weekend. Working on a platform and bedding on a barge. The experience was superb! With rough sea condition, you can't help but feeling a little sea sick. Work was hectic but the people that i met was nice. Experience not everyone can have unless you have the chance to work with oil & gas company.

The only entertainment on-board was television. There were internet connection but strictly for official purpose only, no facebooking or twitting. People usually sleep early around 9PM. Reason was because there were merely nothing to do, and work start as early as 6AM.
So going to bed early to have enough sleep is a good idea. And owh did i mention no cellphone on board? You use i-talk to make a private phone call. Yes they have telephone in case you wondering.

Get up early to see the sunrise and never miss sunset too. After few days i assure you that it is not that attractive to you anymore, you'll found yourself bored. But your day never be too boring with the right crowd and friends that you already befriend on board. If you have the chance to stay over night, get a room with someone you knew, even a small company will give you the best comfort on board.

Life was a roller-coaster, its true because you repeating the same thing everyday, literally speaking. However, food was good, you have laundry service, whatever you can ask for a typical hotel you can find it there, but only in a down scale rating, not luxurious but just satisfactory.
Everyone shares the toilet and bathroom. The last thing you wanna do here is to get sick. There are medic but you definitely will not having a fast recovery that you can get on land, with the unpredictable sea condition, it'll make you feel worst.

Let me give you a tip to boost your experience on board. Make sure you brought along a laptop, it has to be declared before tagging it on board though, and remember to bring along an external hard disk full with movies and songs too. So when the night come, gather your roommates and transform your room into a cinema and just enjoy the night.
If you are alone then just go to sleep there's nothing you can do.


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