Saturday, July 21, 2012

Got Paid To GPT site - Naturebucks

What is NatureBucks?
NaturBucks is where people come to make easy money online by doing various tasks. This site generally called 'Get-Paid-To GPT' site. NatureBucks is available internationally. In other words, it accept any countries.

What i have to do to get paid?
You will be paid by doing surveys, sign ups, viewing videos etc. In general, you will be paid by doing the following:

  • Surveys -Complete surveys and get paid.
  • Site Sign Ups - Free sign ups and get paid after verified email.
  • Watching Videos - This is very easy. Just like watching youbute but actually get paid!
  • By clicking on Ads - Even easy. What can be as simple as this, just click ad and money give to you!

  • How do i get paid?
    After earning some cash, you can request payment an get paid instantly via paypal. Minimum cash out is $0.05.   

    Now this is the interesting part. For referrals, you will get 20% from their earning up to 5 level of referrals.
  • Level 1 - Your Referrals - 20% of Earnings
  • Level 2 - Level 1's Referrals - 20% of Earnings
  • Level 3 - Level 2's Referrals - 20% of Earnings
  • Level 4 - Level 3's Referrals - 20% of Earnings
  • Level 5 - Level 4's Referrals - 20% of Earnings

  • Let me do you some calculation.
    Supposedly you have 5 referrals, each of them have 5 referrals of their own, and these referrals have their own 5 referrals and so on for 5 level, that is a total of 3125 amount of referrals.
    Lets say each of the referrals earn $5, you will get 20% from it or $1. So that will be a total of $3125 all together!

    So, are you ready to earn some easy money online?
    Click here to go to the website and register for free account or you can just click the banner below.

    1. Create a new email before starting. This is to avoid your main email flooding from the advertisers offers and notifications after doing offers.


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