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Solving sweaty armpit - antiperspirant and deodorant product review [Updated August 2016]

I have sweating problem for as long as i can remember. My sister was the first person that i can remember to bring out this matter on me. One day, she said i have body odor and asked me to put on some deodorant to cover B.O. I thought maybe its because of hitting puberty issues with unbalance hormone or some sort that make me sweat a lot.

Ever since, i have been persist on using them but still it did not solve the sweating problem. its not long enough that a friend of mine introduced me antiperspirant deodorant. From his explanation i realised that i've been using the wrong product to control my sweating problem.

Antiperspirant contain aluminium chlorohydrate that prevent sweating by affecting sweat gland. By applying it at the underarm, it controls the sweat gland under it and prevent excessive sweating. While deodorant give it a pleasant smell. So if you want to buy deodorant product to control sweating, be sure to look for 'anti-perspirant' tag on it because deodorant only can't prevent you from not sweating!

Sanex Demo Intensive Anti-Perspirant Deodorant
Smell: 5/5

Protection: 4/5
White control: 2/5

Now i had used several product at the past to see which one is working for me. I had used Sanex demo intensive anti-perspirant deodorant. Of all the antiperspirant and deodorant product that i used, this is the most satisfying smell for me. Although it did not really help me much in controlling my sweaty armpit, it smells very good!

Most of the time, it did not bother me when i start to sweat because the smell getting stronger as i sweat which give pleasant smell to the surrounding. However, its ultimate down point is its lack of white mark control especially on the cloth. This had made me stop using it for good, all my cloth have white mark at the underarm.

Axe Dark Temptation Deodorant Body Spray
Smell: 5/5
Protection: 3/5
White control: N/A

Axe, who did not know this?! with outstanding commercial Axe want you to believe that girls will jump to you by using their product. I was a bit influenced by the advertisement *laugh hard*! I used the Axe dark temptation deodorant body spray as my first try to Axe product. Indeed its smell are undeniably sexy not to mention delicious inspired by the scent of chocolate!

This is not an anti-perspirant, rather it only give fragrance of smell to the body. So sweaty armpit is unavoidable. If this give the ability to control sweat, then this is my choice of signature smell.

Adidas Men Deodorant Action 3 Anti-Perspirant
Smell: 3/5
Protection: 3.5/5
White control: 5/5

Next is Adidas men deodorant action 3 anti-perspirant. I used the 'fresh deo spray' which is the one in blue colour. From previous experience, white control is really a major concern for me in choosing antiperspirant product and Adidas action 3 deliver just that with anti-whitening features! There is no white mark on my shirt which very satisfy me.

However, this too can't control much of my sweating problem. i often still sweat in the office although it is air conditioned room but because of its deodorant effect, it left me odorless and that is acceptable. it smells are not what i really like either.

Rexona Men Quantum Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Spray
Smell: 4/5
White control: 3/5
Now im using Rexona men quantum anti-perspirant deodorant spray (green colour). To tell the truth i have not much to say about this product because i just started using it. All i can give is its first impression. OK i used long enough and here's a little update. In term of smell, it does have pleasant smell although (for me) not as pleasant as Sanex demo intensive anti-perspirant deodorant but (for me) its definitely smell better than Adidas action 3.

Then come to the crucial part for white control, the only product that says it have white control is the blue colour Rexona for men 'invincible ice'. I'm not sure if this do not leave white mark on your cloth, i just have to use it longer enough to know if it does. If you happen to know if it did or not, then you might want to tell me, so that i can change to other before i spoil my shirt! It does leave white stain on the t-shirt under the armpit, sadly.

NIVEA MEN Invisible For Black & White 48h Anti-Perspirant
Smell: 4/5
White control: 5/5

This is the real deal! I have been using this for a couple of years now, and it is my fav ever since. I have been receiving complements from colleagues on the smell, said that it smell nice. This together with my perfume has been my signature smell. It give pleasant smell, and what one of my colleague would say 'the right smell for men'.

White control scored a full mark because it really do what it said it'd do. My clothes are all free from yellow spot under the armpit. I'm still sweating when using this but reduced to a minimal, and it brought out the pleasant smell so nothing to complain about. So, give it a try and tell me what do you think.


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Mil said...

most of the time sweaty armpit come with bad odor too. it is recommended to use antiperspirant and deodorant product in one to prevent sweating and at the same time having a good smell too. but i usually put on perfume to boost the mood.

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