Tuesday, November 29, 2011

How to copy executable file CD to computer - the easy way

Recently, i had requested the IT executive in my workplace for Visio software to be installed in my computer. It takes ages! quite a while for him to finally get the installation CD. I went to his desk and acquired the CD along with its registration key.

Now when i try to put the CD into the CD/DVD drive i found out that my CPU did not install with CD-ROM drive! i never noticed this before until recently! (i suspect the IT guy take away the CD-ROM for his benefit and leave my PC cripple when initially giving me a new PC for my desk). I've told him about the matter and he laugh and said he did not realised it (erk..).

Anyway, i cant wait for him to find a CD-ROM to be installed in my CPU, it could take another ages! awhile. So, i thought i be a little creative and copy the CD in another PC with CD-ROM and put it in a pen drive and transfer it to my computer. Actually it is doable, as long as you copy the whole files in the CD, just the matter of what method you use.

Now this is a fail method to copy the CD to the PC, which i applied initially.
1. right click the CD drive and click 'explore' to browse the whole files in the CD (You can't double click the CD drive because it will execute the installation, what you want is to see the whole files in the CD, this is how you can do it).
2. Select all the files and copy it to the pendrive/ to the PC.
3. Insert the pen drive in another PC in attempt to execute the files.

However, the executable files can't be execute for installation because a message 'cannot detect the executable file' shows up when attempt to run the installation.

This is how you should do it. Its very simple.
1. Open my computer > locate the CD drive.
2. Do nothing. Just straight away right click the CD drive with the CD in it, and click copy.
3. Paste it in the pen drive or in your PC.

Transfer it to another computer that you want to install it and voila! you can double click the installation file and it should be executable.
This is convenient when you want to store the files in the pen drive for easy portable purpose instead of the round shape CD or if you dont have CD-ROM installed in your CPU like my PC at work *both hands on shoulder and roll eyes*.


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