Sunday, June 19, 2011

Proham - Malaysia new human right organisation

I came across to an article in and it caught my eyes. Its about Proham. Now what is Proham? If you don't know already like i am, but now i do so will you, Malaysia has a new human rights organisation and its called Proham - The association for the promotion of Human Rights. You can read the article here.

Proham is established by former members of the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (Suhakam) and the Royal Police Commission. Among its objective are

to promote human rights among the people of Malaysia, the rights of indigenous people and ethnic minorities and to engage with the government on the ratification of UN Human Rights instruments and treaties.


Thumbs up and 100% support. Indigenous people in this country had been suppressed for so long for over their land, cheated and used, especially for those who live at the rural place where they lack of political exposures and information or whatsoever about this country. Even the government take this as an opportunity to trick them to hand over their land with sweet promises but in the end strike with sour and bitter outcome, take the Bakun dam project as an example.

Although Malaysia is a part of the UN members but Malaysia interest was never fully into the UN Human Rights agreement especially when it come to UNHCR - UN High Commissioner for Refugees. Now you need to make things clear the difference between refugee and PTI (pendatang tanpa izin) or illegal migrant.

Refugee is people that forced to leave from a place or a country to seek for refuge, place or other country to hide from political or social problem from their original place. To give them a choice, they would never leave their place and leave their family if not threaten to be killed or captured or other casualties due to their country's political issues. Illegal immigrant on the other hand leave their country or place willingly to seek a better job opportunity or live to survive.

Now, UN ask its member to make a shelter to refugee in their country to protect and give them attentions to medical, education, job supports etc. But Malaysia did not take any initiative to do so.

There are no refugee camp in Malaysia. Most refugees in Malaysia live in cramped, small flats or houses in cities and towns across Malaysia. It is common for refugee groups to share living spaces with up to 40 due to cost and security.

However, in the article, Proham said
Proham will make recommendations to the relevant bodies and ask them to execute it. We can’t execute our findings – this is the role of parliamentarians to ensure that implementations are taken seriously.
and after that followed with an interesting statement by the author inside the article which i think is also true is
We all know what recommendations mean in Malaysia: talk and no action.
But as you read on, you feel that the author of the article is kind of rejecting this forming of new human right organisation by saying
Dear Proham, Malaysia doesn’t need a third voice for human rights. It needs a brave and bold group who will not offer cryptic answers and make recommendations that will not see the light of day at Parliament and will eventually gather dust on the shelf where other recommendations have gone to die.
Well i got to disagree with the author. Proham make a good intention of proclaiming to Malaysia to accept the idea and objectives. In hope more and more people are aware of Human Rights in general and eventually change the law or policy in Malaysia or just the perception about it if not in whole. It is better than to keep silence and let the issue accumulate which in turn brings trouble and danger threat to the country. Just look what happen about the hacking Malaysia website issue if not related to human rights.


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