Thursday, June 23, 2011

Malaysia Vs Lebanon 2-1 - Olympic qualification

Its football Olympic qualifying. Do Malaysia have it take to win against Lebanon to qualify for grouping placing? Who will win? Its all ended with a splendid win with Malaysia 2 - 1 against Lebanon.

A remarkable play by Malaysia in the first half of the game scored 2 goals by Irfan Fazail at 9th minutes and Wan Zack Haikal at 42th minutes. In the second half, Malaysia bets on defensive play with left 10 players on the field while Lebanon try their best to break the zero number. Lebanon scored their sole goal at 64th minutes by Chadi Atie.
With additional 3 minutes injury time, Malaysia stay on game and won it with 2 -1.

This is what i have to say, first of all congratulation! ok thats it. Now, Malaysia needs to redefine its players in term of physical. The players are smaller compared to other. Yes Asian can't get any bigger than the Caucasian but the physical limitation really give Malaysia football players disadvantage. With smaller size, momentum, speed and stamina takes extra energy to keep up. I am not underestimate the small size people, but let's face it, it can't get any true than it is. Malaysia needs bigger player, in fact this is needed in other sport too.

Now next get rid of the players with attitude problem, i mean those who can't control of their emotion; anger and such, which happen in the game. These players only bring havoc to the game plus its a sore to the eyes. Otherwise, the coach or manager can have whatever session like anger management for example to the players.

Lastly, theres a twitter comment i would like to share which i think  WTH!?
If this person is at the medieval time where there are witches, he sure be stone to death, or if he is at the middle East, he is sentence to be headed in front of the public. Just look at what he tweeted, he got it all wrong. if he follow the match by watching television then i bet he is blind or if he listening to the radio then he is deaf, i mean seriously don't you want to know who the person is?


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