Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My review on Free Realms

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Free Realms is an online web based 3D RPG. I play it out of boredom and need to spend my holiday for my semester break. I had played several online MMORPG and need something different whereby i can play instantly and directly from my internet browser. Hence, i start off with Free Realms.
However, This game is an open beta, it'a free to play but not entirely though, to unlock some jobs and stuff, player need to buy in real cash.
The Free Realms staff member had stated that once its a final version, your open beta character will not be deleted.
So, it's safe to play now without to worry your character will be deleted and start over again.

What i like about this game is its stunning graphic, smoth character movement and wide variety of jobs a person can play.
player can choose to become a ninja, medic, postman, pet trainer, soccer star, kart rider, a traveller, wizard, archer and card duelist which the job i am playing on my character.

In the beginning, player can choose to becaome a human or a pixie. There are no different in term of skills and status for both character. In fact, there are no such specification in this game!
All player start at zero and they can choose what to become in the beginning of the game. it is possible for players to become all of the jobs provided!

Like the rest RPGs, there are quest for each jobs. Doing quest are easy in Free Realms. To go to the quest destination that asked for, players can just click the "Take me there" button and the character will navigate itself to the location!
It save players' time to search for the quest location.

This is a personal free advertise on Free Realms, I'm not paid for doing so.
This game is a "not hurt to try" game, its good to kill some time.
I'm never bored by the graphic, everything is beautiful.
Find me in the game by the name Ryu King.
See you in game. Rating 4/5.


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