Sunday, November 22, 2009

Free Realms TCG

GI'm plying as a card duelist in Free Realms. I'm instantly drawn by it's rules and strategy.
However there are some rules that i consider need to be revised.

I consider myself as an experienced TCG player. I've been playing TCG for almost 6 years now.
The first TCG i play was Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG. Since then, i've been playing any TCG that i came to know.
I had played Magic The Gathering (MTG), Duel Master, Pokemon TCG and even some in-game card game like final fantasy.

I had a great collection of the cards. I have friends that have the same interest as me in card game to play with.
I even play TCG games on pc as well as online just to have pleasure playing with others who have their passion on card games.

Hence, for an optimum pleasure playing Free Realms TCG, there are some parts that i think needs changes.
such as the win a score card and draw a card for gems in the deck card.

By implimenting these rules, it wasting the cards in the deck whereby whenever a player declare an attack, one have to flip a card from the deck to get the gems specified.
When a player's monster card win against the oppenent's monster card, a card also will be drawn from the deck to ack as a tribute for the monster card.

This is my review about Free Realms TCG. However i enjoyed playing the card game in Free Realms.


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