Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Rohingyas, urgent attention

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For such a long time, now the issue had arised about the Rohingyas or the refugees in Malaysia. i believe this matter had been bothered Malaysia for years but yet Malaysia take no action according to this matter
other than capturing and torturing them before deporting them to the Malaysia-Thai border to send them back to their country.

The mentality of Malaysia cannot differentiate between refugees and illegal imigrants
Illegal imigrants willingly leave their country to find a better job and life in other country while
refugees did not choose to be in other country in the first place but they are forced to because of the political problem in their country.

Cited form by the author Olivia Ward.
"But even those who pay smugglers to help them escape have no warm welcomes waiting. They have little legal protection in Malaysia or Bangladesh, and lack of access to basic education and health care."

This is true base on my personal experience to the refugee center at Kuala Lumpur last November 2008. After a little conversation with them, they revealed their sad story
In order to survive from the political problem in their country, flee to other country such as Malaysia seems the only option they have
although they did not have the intention to do so.

And yet when they are in Malaysia, the government authority threat them as a criminal and send them into jail
without knowing their condition and problem. This happened not only to the adult but also to the young.

Malaysia as what having advertised as "Truly Asia" in the mass media only shows the physical part of its beauty.
The inner true self of Malaysia is indeed lied beneath the surface by the pretty advertisements.
If Malaysia is a "Truly Asia" then maybe some approaches can be make regarding to this problem.
rather than to rely on the UN for solution.

cited from by Dr.Rais
“Myanmar must understand this is their problem as much as ours,” he said. “We understand these people are encouraged to leave but we do not know the actual story. So we would like Myanmar to be open about it.”
He said that if Myanmar refused to own up to the issue, it would become a worldwide problem and the United Nations might have to step in.
It shows how much Malaysia in general did not bother to understand the global issue that was happening
and claimed about not knowing what the reality that been happening all these years.
And yet asking for UN to give a hand in solving the matter,
taking easy ways by depending to the UN and not being able to find a way out of this problem itself.

In fact, the UNHCR (United Nation High Commission Right) had been urging Malaysia to protect the refugees during crackdown.
and yet Malaysia have not approved the UNHCR declaration on the refugees up to this day and keep violating their rights.

Refugees (like Rohingyas) in Malaysia had become an issue where the politics thought that it is a burden for them to have undocumented people (the refugess in whole) roaming in the country
UN long ago had offered a solution for Malaysia to solve this regional problem through UNHCR declaration on refugees but Malaysia had yet to take it seriously

Now the rate of refugees (in general not only the Rohingyas) entering Malaysia had increas and then Malaysia is struggling to ease the chaos by sending them back to the Malaysia-Thai border
and not caring that they will be towed to the sea by boat by the Thai authority
when it not going any better Malaysia hoping UN for help. here shown a cycle that probably will not have an end.

what the best decision and solution for Malaysia?
It's up for the present politics to decide and we as the citizen just hope for a better politics for a better future


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