Wednesday, December 3, 2008

something to think of

When i ordered a milo panas at a restaurant, the waitress gave me this cup. It somehow make me think how relevant it is to apply it in our life. What do you think?


Welzan said...

mmm, ada betul dia juga la..
breakfast for enery to start the day..but not applicable to some ppl yg mmg x biasa ambil breakfast kan..but is it really 'champions are made at breakfast?'huhu..

Mil said...

kakaka.. ko ni berpotensi diambil kerja utk milo company la hoho
sbb actually gelas tu kan gelas milo ada logo milo tu di belakang tu gelas
energy to start your day.. betul la tu kan hehe

Welzan said...

wakakaka...patut la mcm pernah dgr ja tu words tu..milo pula tu kan,bru teringat..haha..

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