Thursday, December 4, 2008


SALT - School of Acting justly, Loving tenderly and Treading humbly with God

SALT is a program conducted by the MJCC (Malacca-Johore catholic centre) to the university catholic student basically for some purposes which are
to cultivating sense of solidarity to the marginalized in our society, interpretation and analysis the theological reflection national, regional and globalrealities such as migrantion people, human trafficking and so on.

The program start from 23 Nov to 8 Dec 2008 and the venue is in Malacca. When i first joined SALT, my only intention is to kill my time during the sem break holiday as well as to have vacation in Malacca
but this program is beyond of that expectation and i am enjoying my stay here with both mix of my own personal intention and the expectation out from this program.

the SALT participants and committe

A total of 26 people had joined this SALT program. All of us come from various universities and different states. apart from MJCC, some of us also come from KLCC and PCC.
Generally, the program last for 2 weeks and we live together like brother and sister along the time. A lot of programs had been prepared for us such as talks. exposure, examen and also movies.

the official SALT program t-shirt

There are two types of SALT t-shirt. One is red and the second is the blue colors.


AnGeL said...

i miss SALT oredy :(

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