Sunday, October 5, 2008

Pope warns of modern godless sociaty

Pope Benedict open a major meeting in Rome at Sunday by proclaiming the modern culture
that some of them were declaring God 'dead' and entire nation were losing their identity.

He said that our 'once rich in faith' society were now losing their identity because of
some of the harmful and destructive modern culture.

He said that there are those, who, after deciding that 'God is dead,' declare themselves to be 'god' and the artisan of their own destiny, the absolute master of the world.

"Attempts to 'brush God aside' lead to arrogance of power, selfishness, injustice, exploitation and violence", he said.

However, China communist government does not allow its Catholic to recognise the Pope's authority and forced them to join the state-backed catholic.

China's 8 to 12 million Catholics were split in between the officially china approved church and one loyal to the Pope.
Pope Benedict has made improving relations with China a main goal of his pontificate and hopes diplomatic ties can be restored.

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Bizmind said...

People nowadays start to forgot that they actually have no power without the help of God. But even though they start to ignore God, God will still loves them and forgive them. For those that not believe in God, please re-consider it back.

Mil said...

my friend once told me, our God is great, He forgive every sin we make that is the unconditional love He gave to us. The first time i heard it i got a chill, and i still feel it now if i recite it myself.
It sometime makes me to avoid doing sins in someway.

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