Saturday, August 16, 2008

Unfullfilled dream

UTM choir team. In the red circle from the left is
Karlvin, Musa and Stephen.

19 - 23 September 2008, will be a historical moment for the UTM choir team as they may
participate for the 5th Venezia Musica in German. It is a 1st international choir competition so as they say.

However, the choir members is in despair when they've been announced that they were unable to participate in the competition due to insufficient fund for the trip to German.

I was told by my friends (circled by the red line) that the cost for a person to be able to take part in this prestiges competition is RM2000. Event now, they still felt disappointed.

They supposed to sing a song titled 'Torna A Suriento' by G.B De Curtos / E. De Curtis and
a song composed in the 15th century titled 'sing we and chant it' by Thomas Morley besides 'Tanah pusaka', 'wawasan 2020' and an Indonesia song titled 'kupinta lagi'.

For folklore category, they will sing the song 'bahtera merdeka' by Kassim Masdar, 'musim buah-buahan' by Datuk Johari Saneh and 'cublak cublak suweng' a Jawa song.

But all of the training and preparation was just a waste and all of their excitement was just an empty hope.
Last time in 2004, UTM choir team had won 2nd place for folklore category and 3rd in youth category for the choir olympic in Brenen, German that was held at that time.

For this year, it is a total disappointment for the UTM choir team for not trying to do some efforts so that they can compete in this event.
They have been told that a fund raise will be done in August to raise enough money so that they can fly to German.

However, the fund raise program for this event was canceled in mid July which brought disbelief and shock for the choir team. Instead, the fund raise program was changed for their fund to Korea for another choir event.

Questions was up in the air about why UTM did not sponsor for their trip to German as they have proven that they have the credibility to raise it's name at international.

But for all and foremost is that why UTM decided to stop the fund raise before it is be done?
it is like surrender in the battle field when the battle is not yet to begin.

All these wasting budget thought should not be the factor to condemned one's dreams and hopes but the UTM choir team should try their very best to solve things up.

By that, then they should decide what steps should they do next whether to stop or move on.

Giving up before even trying to do something shows weakness and poor self esteem in it's management. It's a thumb down to UTM choir team for it's management.
Notes to my friends Karlvin, Musa and Stephen, don't be sad i know you crave badly to go to German but keep on living theres more in life.

(reference from Media Bina magazine)


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