Sunday, August 17, 2008

Keep on rockin'

UTM team for KL Tower Forest Towerthon challenge 2008
My friend Steffi and Gerard joined the team

Recently, i read a magazine and found this article.
KL Tower International Forest Towerthon challenge 2008 that was held on 3 February 2008.
It's an event half a year ago and it just happen that i only read it in August! I'm so last season.

In this event, UTM send 2 groups of contestant namely UTM Techno A and UTM Techo B. Every participants were required to climb the stairs of KL Tower on foot. Then the first group to reach the top of KL Tower was the winner.

UTM Techno A reach the top second after UPNM while UTM Techo B in 5th place. UTAR and UiTM reach the top third and fourth.
The winner took home RM3000 price.

To start with, at that time in February, I'm actually well informed about the event and I also know the result out of it.
But it was just irony that i don't see any publicity about UTM excellent achievement in this event here in my own uni after a long 6 month.

Maybe it happen that i missed the magazine issued about this. On wrap up, keep on with the hard work and congratulation to my friends Steffi and Gerard.

(reference from Media Bina magazine)


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