Thursday, June 5, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: fuel price hike!

New price for petrol is RM2.70 per litre and diesel RM2.58 per litre beginning at midnight 4 june 2008. Petrol increase an amount of RM0.78 while diesel increase a total of RM1.00.
However the prime minister said that it is still 30-sen discount from the market price.

image from the star online
From the image above you can see the difference of how much petrol one can have from RM1 before and after the petrol price increase.

image from the star online
Although fuel price in Malaysia had increase, but malaysia still paying lower price from the other countries like Singapore and Thailand.

image from the star online
After the fuel price hike announcement made by the prime minister later on wednesday, everyone inching their way to nearby petrol station to fill up. Look at the picture, it's nearly dark but everyone still waiting for their turn.

My farther actually rush to the petrol station after watching 8.00pm news on TV3. It's kinda funny why he doesn't aware of the news and not fill up before going home from work :)
And guess what time he come back? He came about 10 o'clock at night!! plus the road still full of cars at that moment!


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