Friday, May 2, 2008


on 1st may, alumni CMO including Bro Alvin together with GIFT members having our steamboat at Mutiara Rini. all 29 of us sit together and have our so called dinner steamboat style. at first there were some complication about transportation. a lot of us especially the students which dont have car gather at Edrin's house and waited to be fetch. Dye, karlvin, gerard, and I was the 1st group to be at the steamboat site. We used taxi since we kind of know where the place were (luckily we found the place)

The dinner supposely to start at 7pm but for some unavoidable matter (lack of planning actually) it finally started at 8.30pm but that did not bother us at all, everyone is present(but some did not) and having their fun frying meat and boiling chicken and tom yam soup :) we used 9 round table in total to fit everyone so that all of us have a seat to eat.

Ging's group have been so quiet from the beginning untill the end of the dinner. Not all the time actually sometime teasing with bath also. well, i suppose they all just concentrating on eating muahahaha. on the other end of the table was Bor Alvin group together with Estle, Mark and Dye. they was laughing about Estle singh's jokes. I was there and damn right the jokes is so funny that sometime its hard to breath with full stomach!!

After about 2 hours later, everyone seems to be bloaded with food. then some of them gather round at the side of the table chit chat. With Edrin around, things were heated up with his sense of humour. Laughing sounds can be heard even you were miles away!! my fav dish that night was ice cream float aside from the 2 plate full prawn that i ate!! also i like our chicken soup. i just put inside whatever dimsum i can get and add eggs into the soup and the taste was yummy~~ Ann drank it more than 5 cups imagine how good the taste was!!

Yup, that night was indeed happy hours for all of us. its worth to pay RM16 since everyone was full and satisfied. After eating and chit chat for some times, all of us finally called it a night. then slowly, everyone leave their table towards their cars after paid all the expanses. This time, no one was left behind and everybody got their own place in the car and send back to UTM. As for me, the night is still young, i joined the rest to play CS in taman U. Steamboat that night was the most memorable event this sem :)


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