Thursday, April 17, 2008

Pope in America

Crowd of more than 13,500 in Washington sang "Happy Birthday" to Pope Benedict XVI on Wednesday. Yup the Roman Catholic leader turned 81 Wednesday. "Happy Birthday" was sung spontaneously at first early ceremony and at the end followed by a more formal version of "Happy Birthday". This is the first full day of his trip to US as the leader of Roman Catholics. His 90 min visit to the White House was accompanied by some of the world's most important leaders. 6 days trip to Washington and New York city coincide not just his birhday but also 3 year annivesary as the leader of the world's Roman Catholic.
For more information about the pope in america visit this site,2933,351460,00.html?sPage=fnc/world/papalvisit

I bet most of us dont even know how old our pope is and dont be surprise if some of us dont even care whats goin' on on him!! Well as a RC, its not crucial for you to know exactly what he do in his dailr life, keeping track of every single work he do but at least we should know the little thing about him like his age, birthday etc. to gain a little awareness and maybe to answer questions about the pope from other people which may not be the same race in common.

so, for his 81 birthday, let us pray for his health so that he can continue to lead the RC with wisdom spreding the peace to all His people and most important is the message of LOVE to the world. Less hate, more love.


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