Monday, April 21, 2008

Jesus give what you want

Its true that Jesus give it all!!

"Ask and it will be given to you" Yes! this is indeed very true. For those that still doubt to Jesus then you definitely need to read this.
well, last night i was YMing with my friend, actually previous last two night, yesterday cannot sign in wifiUTM sh*t.
This is the same person that i talk about in the previous post which really inspired me to study more. You can read about the post here

We chatted a lot, sharing our campus life, talk about our friends then come to the topic about hows your study.
So i share my problem how my gred falling down UNEXPECTEDLY and how HOPELESS i feel about it.

But in the other hand she actually do very well in her study. She onced an average student with avearage marks in the test but im quite amazed how she changed dramatically to a smart person!!
Well, she said of couse she got study before the exam but if its not because of Jesus she never will get good result in the exam.

she explained that she trust Jesus with all her heart, NEVER have doubt in whatever she was praying.
At night, the day before the exam, she prayed Novena for the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
And the next day before she open the exam paper, she recite her own personal prayer (i posted it in the previous post please read it) then answed the exam paper with no problem.

Day passed and the result finally out.
Guess what marks she get?? 88% for her engeneering math(mat kejut) and FULL MARK for finite math!!!

This is not the first time she done this, every exam that come she will pray before and at the day of the exam, and every result that come is.... unexpected!!
She mentioned it to me that she personally dont believe she actually scored with such a good result!! before this she said that her calculation is terrible, but still FULL MARK geng!!

She added to trust Jesus is not a hard thing you just have to give all to Him, the key is NEVER DOUBT!!
When your mind play trick on you like... owh, i dont have time to study!! pray pun tia guna..
STOP thinking of it right away, instead you must say.. i believe in you God i can do this!!
Always THINK POSITIVE.. that is what Jesus say.. never doubt on me believe me with all your heart..

well, my friend after she shared to me his faith in Jesus, i realised i doubted Him most of the time.
Sometime we used to test Jesus like if i study untill late in the morning, Jesus give me A in my exam.
Well, thats wong we never test Him.. we believe in Him and He will give you what you need :)


~~~ Scilla ~~~ said...

Mil...correction..i'm not smart..still a long journey to go..but with Jesus in me..i will never give do you :)

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