Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Japanese exam tomorror!!

Exam week had started!! my second paper is Japanese language. Phew early this morning i seated for my first paper TITAS!! what a relief 1 done and more to go!!

Luckily its an objective question macam biasa la sharp shooter semua head shot muahahahah....

The other night before i seated for my TITAS paper, i chatted with my friend through YM and she gave me her personal prayer which help her to do well in her exam:

In the name of Jesus Christ, guide me lord and sit with me, together with me answer this paper. Amen.

She got 4.00 for her paper!! She reminded me to say this prayer before i open my exam paper. Maybe you can use this prayer for your own. With faith, you also can do well in your exam. For the holy bible had stated:

"whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have receive it, and it shall be done for you." Mark 11:24

So, everyone.. for this upcoming exam... ganbatte kudasai!! although study is hard but do your very best.
wish me best of luck too :)


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